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iKeyMonitor allows you to block apps and games with time-limit rules in order to protect your children from inappropriate or unwanted content.

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  • Always block specific apps or games
  • Block in bedtime
  • Block in homework time
  • Set daily maximum usage time
  • Block for some minutes after using for some minutes
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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App blocker allows you to block inappropriate or unwanted apps and games on the iOS and Android devices with time limit rules. With the time schedule, you can specify when to block apps and games on iPad/ iPhone/ Android flexibly and when to unblock them. If you want to control your children’s cell phone usage, or prevent your employees from spending much time on non-work related apps on company-offered devices, iKeyMonitor provides the best solution for you!

Blocks Apps and Games for Parental Control

Nowadays many parents provide their children with smartphones. And some children show great interest in various games and social media apps. However, not all apps and games are suitable for children. On the one hand, sexual and pornographic videos, pictures and texts can be transmitted via WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Snapchat and other popular social media apps. What’s worse, some predators use Facebook, Tinder and other social apps as a platform to look for victims since it’s so easy to make friends with strangers online. Children are easy to trust strangers and may be lured into meeting strangers. In that case, dangers will come to these poor children. So, parents need to know how to block games on their kids’ smartphones.

On the other hand, children may become aggressive and violent if they always watch violent videos and play violent video games. Parents need to keep children away from the influence of inappropriate apps and games. With iKeyMonitor, you can set usage time limits on some apps so that children cannot use these apps too much and will not be seriously influenced by these apps. For some apps and games that are considered to be unsafe or harmful for children, you can block games online all the time.

Blocks Apps and Games for Employee Monitoring

Undoubtedly, many employees like to use the company offered devices to conduct non-work related activities during office hours, including shopping online, watching videos, playing games, chatting online through Skype, Facebook, other apps. These behaviors not only waste the company’s time and resources but also greatly decrease employee productivity! How can these irresponsible activities be effectively prohibited? How to block apps on their devices?

A good method is to make use of iKeyMonitor app blocker on company-offered devices. Some social media apps, shopping apps, video watching apps and games can be blocked during office hours and unblocked during break. In such a way, employees will understand what activities are not allowed at work. Naturally, they will put more time and energy into their work, instead of wasting time doing non-work related activities.

App Blocker FAQs

There are many great app blockers available for different platforms. iKeyMonitor is one of the most popular app blockers that provides an all-in-one solution that blocks apps, websites, and notifications on Android phones/tablets, iPhones/iPad and Computers.
Yes, iKeyMonitor offers a free plan that anyone can get started with for free. With iKeyMonitor app blocker, you can use time-limited rules to block inappropriate or unwanted apps and games on iOS and Android devices.

To block certain apps, you need to install an app blocker like iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor allows you to block specific apps on your child’s phone.