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iKeyMonitor monitors LINE chats by logging both-side text messages, capturing screenshots, and recording voice messages and calls on LINE app.

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  • Keystrokes entered in LINEios-JailbrokenAndroid
  • Text messages sent and received on LINEiosAndroid RootediCloud
  • Screenshots of LINE chat ios-JailbrokenAndroid Rooted
  • Photos sent in LINEiCloudAndroid
  • Voice messagesAndroid
  • LINE callsAndroid
  • Date and time stampiosAndroid RootediCloud
  • iOS iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android Android All Android Devices
  • ios jailbroken iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android rooted Android(Root) Root Required
  • ios-icloud iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required

Why Is Monitoring LINE Chat History Useful?

LINE, the rapidly expanding instant messaging app from Japan, was announced to have 64.8 million active monthly users as of 2023, with its popularity steadily rising globally. Nevertheless, there are also many online dangers on LINE, such as cyberbullying and sexual predators. To ensure the safety of children or manage employees effectively, monitoring LINE chats on their devices is necessary.

LINE monitoring for parental control

LINE is the most popular messaging app in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, and its users are mainly young adults and children. However, the popularity of LINE brings problems like sexting, cyberbullying, pornography, and privacy breaches. Through LINE, children may be harassed and threatened by ill-intentioned people, or even receive sexual messages.

Children are too young to deal with these issues, and they are reluctant to ask their parents for help. Therefore, it is very necessary for parents to monitor the LINE chat history on their children’s mobile phones to prevent their children from unnecessary trouble. iKeyMonitor is an effective LINE chat history spy tool that allows parents to monitor LINE text messages remotely. iKeyMonitor runs in the background, automatically uploading all recorded logs to online cloud panel. This feature allows parents to view chat history flexibly and conveniently anytime, anywhere.

Employee monitoring on LINE

Likewise, LINE is quite popular among young adults for its unique and rich-meaning stickers. Some employees use the company-offered iOS or Android devices to chat with others on LINE during working hours. Naturally, it’s not difficult to understand why some employees’ productivity is low and unsatisfying. Some irresponsible and unethical employees may even sell confidential business information to competitors via LINE!

Absolutely, for certain companies, monitoring employees’ LINE chats conducted on company-provided devices is essential. iKeyMonitor simplifies this task by effectively monitoring LINE chats. As the best employee monitoring tool, iKeyMonitor enables you to spot lazy employees and detect insider threats remotely, which helps improve work efficiency and protect the company from greater losses.

LINE monitoring benefits for everyone

A lot of the chat messages you treasure are stored on LINE Messenger. What if you accidentally deleted some LINE chats on your phone? Or do you know what to do if your phone gets lost or stolen? After installing LINE monitoring app on your phone, you can back up your LINE chats online and easily restore them.

Monitor LINE Chat FAQs

The most common way which to track LINE chat is by using iKeyMonitor LINE monitoring app. It monitors all LINE activities in the background, so the person will not be aware that they are being monitored.
iKeyMonitor is the best LINE monitoring app that helps you find all hidden LINE chat messages on the target phone. It also allows you to recover all deleted conversations on LINE. You only have to download and install it.

Yes, iKeyMonitor allows you to read LINE messages without them knowing. It monitors LINE messages on target devices in the background, so the person will not be aware that they are being monitored.