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iKeyMonitor enables you to monitor Signal messages by detecting text messages, recording videos, and capturing screenshots on your children’s or employees’ phones.

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  • Disappearing messages sent and received in SignalAndroid
  • Keystrokes entered in Signal ios-JailbrokenAndroid
  • Screenshots of Signal messagesios-JailbrokenAndroid
  • Date and time stamps Android
  • iOS iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android Android All Android Devices
  • ios jailbroken iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android rooted Android(Root) Root Required
  • ios-icloud iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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Millions of people use Signal every day for free, instant communication anywhere in the world. For parents and employers who want to know the truth behind Signal, monitoring Signal makes a lot of sense. iKeyMonitor helps you remotely monitor the Signal activities of your children or employees.

Signal Monitoring for Parental Control

Signal’s privacy policy benefits those who like to use it in harmful or destructive ways, as has been reported in some shocking news reports. You don’t want your children to be the target of sexual predators, cyberbullies, or scammers. iKeyMonitor lets you know what your children are talking about on Signal, so you can intervene quickly when needed.

Employee Monitoring on Signal

Some unethical employees may use Signal’s disappearing messages to hide secret conversations with competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the Signal app. Use iKeyMonitor to check Signal conversations and find employees who have leaked company secrets, thereby helping you avoid major economic losses.

Signal Monitoring Benefits for Everyone

After downloading iKeyMonitor on your phone, it will automatically save and backup Signal messages and upload them to the Cloud Panel. You can log in to the Cloud Panel to view detailed logs, including deleted Signal messages.

Monitor Signal FAQs

Yes, by using iKeyMonitor Signal monitoring app, you will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing Signal chats on the target phone in real-time. This free monitoring app also enables you to track your children’s Signal conversations to detect any inappropriate or dangerous content.
Yes. iKeyMonitor is one of the best apps for monitoring Signal activities on Android/iOS phones. It allows you to see all Signal activities that were exchanged inside your child’s Signal account. You only need to download and install iKeyMonitor on your target device to get started.

iKeyMonitor monitors all Signal messages on target devices in the background, so the person will not be aware that they are being monitored. You only need to download and install iKeyMonitor on your target device to read Signal messages without them knowing.