Geo-fencing is a virtual geographical boundary that is set on the map. iKeyMonitor Geo-fencing is a barrier for finding out whether your kids or employees leave your defined area. You can use iKeyMonitor to track their GPS and set up Geo-fencing. Once they are out of the Geo-fence, you will get alerts by email.

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  • Multiple safe and forbidden zones
  • When and how often each zone is visited
  • Geo-fencing alerts via Email
  • The history of device movements on the map
  • Date and time stamp
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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Why is iKeyMonitor Geo-fencing useful?

With the help of iKeyMonitor, parents and employers can create their own boundaries, which will allow them to monitor the movement of their kids and employees. When they know they will not get permission for certain places they want to go, they will lie. However, under iKeyMonitor Geo-fencing monitoring, you can easily find out whether they were telling the truth or not. It will help you take the right actions at the right time.

Parental Control

The problems of children running away from home, children smuggling and child sexual abuse are commonplace. But now with iKeyMonitor Geo-fencing app, you may protect your children from these potential dangers. You are able to set safe zones where your children are allowed to enter, such as schools, homes, friends’ houses and so on. You can also set forbidden areas like Internet cafes, pubs, casinos and more. Once your children leave the safe zone or enter a dangerous place, alerts will be sent to you by Email.

Employee monitoring

GPS geofencing is the biggest necessity of employers. Some employees are likely to lie about their health when they want to ask for leave, or they would lie about an important task if they have to leave the office early. However, with the geo-fencing solutions, employers will be able to know whether their employees have been lying or not. They will easily find out what their employees have been up to. In this way, next time when the same lie comes, they will beware. iKeyMonitor will help the employers to control the useless leaves of the employees and so the productivity of the company will be enhanced.