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iKeyMonitor stands out as the best free cell phone spy app for monitoring the activities of Android phones and iPhone. It automatically monitors SMS messages, phone calls, web history, and chat messages on social media apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, and more. By logging into the cloud panel, you can remotely track GPS locations, capture screenshots, take photos, listen to phone surroundings and set up geofences to prevent your children from being exposed to inappropriate or harmful content, cyberbullying, or sexual predators.

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Cell Spy App for Parental Control – Keep Your Kids Safe Online

As a parent, keeping your children safe from online threats such as cyberbullying, violence, porn and sexual predators is important. iKeyMonitor is the best cell phone spy app for parental control that allows you to monitor your kid’s cell phones to detect inappropriate content and dangers and alert you immediately. Then you can take action to protect your kids with iKeyMonitor screen time limit, app blocker, or other measures such as talking to your kids and reporting the issue to corresponding authorities.

Cell Spy App - stop cyberbullying


  • Add alert words to detect cyberbullying
  • 65% of teens have been involved in a cyberbullying incident.
Cell Spy App - Detect Sexual predators


  • Monitor chat messages on social media
  • 82% of sex crimes involving a minor are initiated on social media.
Cell Spy App - ensure onlie safety


  • Block inappropriate websites
  • 75% of children share personal information about themselves and their families online.

30+ Cell Phone Spy Features In iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is an all-in-one cell phone spy app with over 30 excellent features for monitoring children’s cell phones. With this free cell spy app, you can:

  • Record both incoming and outgoing phone calls, including VoIP calls.
  • Capture screenshots of all activities on the targeted phone.
  • Listen to phone surroundings to hear what is happening around it.
  • Monitor chat conversations on popular social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Track GPS location, providing historical and current insights into the target device’s whereabouts.
  • Block inappropriate apps or games.
  • Easily review the monitored logs and remotely control the target phone with an intuitive spy panel.

Additionally, iKeyMonitor is compatible with nearly all Android devices, whether rooted or not, and jailbroken iPhones. Beyond these features, iKeyMonitor enables you to monitor text messages, log visited websites, view the phone screen in real-time to protect your children from online dangers.

Android Spy App
Spy on Chat Messages on WhatsApp/Facebook/WeChat and More

Spy on Chat Messages on WhatsApp/Facebook/WeChat and More

iKeyMonitor is the best cell phone spy app that helps you remotely spy on chat conversations on WhatsApp/Facebook/WeChat and more, including voice messages, text messages, and voice/video calls. On the cloud panel, you can add prohibited words related to inappropriate activities, such as gambling, porn, violence, cyberbullying, and predators. When these keywords are found in the chat content, an instant alert will be sent to you to safeguard your children against social media dangers.

Record Phone Calls and Voice/Video Calls

iKeyMonitor records all the phone calls and voice/video calls made and received on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, and more. After installation, this cell spy app runs in the background and automatically records call conversations. The recorded calls on the target phone will be uploaded to your private account on the panel for easy access from your phone.

Record Phone Calls and Voice/Video Calls

How to Spy on a Cell Phone?

  1. 1. Sign Up for A Cell Spy Account

    Sign up for a free plan to spy on cell phones for free.

  2. 2. Log In to the Cell Spy Panel

    Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor cell spy app.

  3. 3. Install the Cell Spy App

    Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key.

  4. 4. Start Spying

    Start spying on cell phones on the Cloud Panel.

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Cell Spy App with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cell Phone Spy FAQs

General Questions

No, iKeyMonitor works fully on non-rooted Android phones.
iKeyMonitor is compatible with any modern Android device (Samsung, Huawei, etc.) and iPhone/iPad. For more info, please check here.
No, you can’t monitor a phone with only a phone number or IMEI or SN. You need physical access to install iKeyMonitor on a device that you are authorized to monitor.
Yes. iKeyMonitor supports popular social chat apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat, Facebook, etc. Check the full list here.
You need physical access to the target device (get it in your hand and unlock it with the password/passcode) and install iKeyMonitor on it.
As the best cell phone monitoring app, iKeyMonitor works perfectly on all Android devices regardless of brand or version. To check your device’s compatibility, click here.

Cell Spying

iKeyMonitor offers a basic plan to monitor your child’s phone for free. Sign up Now to enjoy the iKeyMonitor free cell spying plan.
No. iKeyMonitor cell spy app can’t spy on an iPhone without installing software on the target phone. You need to jailbreak the target iPhone to install iKeyMonitor on it. Check the Jailbreak Guide here.
No. You need physical access to the target device to install iKeyMonitor on it, or get the two-factor authentication code.
iKeyMonitor is the best cell phone spy that allows you to remotely monitor cell phones for free. It runs in the background and automatically records SMS, phone calls, web history, GPS location, and more.
To spy on a cell phone, you need physical access to the target phone and install iKeyMonitor on it.
Cell spy is a monitoring tool that enables you to spy on the target cell phone remotely. iKeyMonitor Cell Spy monitors details of various online activities, including phone calls, text messages, GPS locations, and chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc.

400K Users Love iKeyMonitor Cell Spy

Cell Spy App User

With iKeyMonitor cell spy software, I can monitor my children’s social media activities without being considered overly protective. I can see what they are searching for online and who they are chatting with, and I always know exactly where they are. I am grateful for this product.

Gogo Santos

Cell Spy App User

I love iKeyMonitor because I can monitor everything that I am interested in, which saves time. With this cell spy app, I can remotely monitor all my employees‘ online activities no matter where I go, allowing me to control my power.

John S.

Cell Spy App User

Personally, I have used other monitoring tools before, but I must say that iKeyMonitor cell spy apk is the best of all tools. The customer service is very efficient and they are always ready to answer all questions at any time. This was the motivation for my initial subscription. I will always recommend iKeyMonitor.

Michael Lam

Android user
Cell Spy App User

Recently, my daughter has been in a bad mood and seems to cry whenever she receives a message. To find out why, I installed iKeyMonitor on her phone. After reviewing the chat history, I discovered that she was bullied by her classmates! So, I sent the chat screenshot to the school, and the principal helped me handle this situation.

Mark Simon

Cell Spy App User

I recently noticed that my son did not come home directly from school and did not inform me of his activities. After searching Google for the best Android cell phone spy apps, I chose iKeyMonitor. It allows me to locate my son’s locations and provide detailed address information, which is extremely useful. I would recommend iKeyMonitor to any concerned parents.


Cell Spy App User

In my opinion, iKeyMonitor is the best cell phone spy app. With it, I can easily record my child’s phone calls, including call duration, name, phone number, and date of each call.



Why Choose iKeyMonitor Free Cell Spy App

iKeyMonitor is one of the most powerful cell phone spy apps that can help you remotely spy on cell phones and tablets. It offers more than 60 monitoring features, making it a good choice for you to keep your children safe online. In addition to giving you an in-depth view of every activity on the target device, this cell spy app is easy to set up and easy to use with handy guides and tutorials. It also offers a free plan, which can be used for as long as you wish.

  • Capture Screenshots

    iKeyMonitor captures screenshots of the phone screen activities remotely, providing an exact visual image of what the user did on the cell phone. It also takes screenshots when the user performs touch actions or when alert words are detected in keystrokes or app names.
  • Cell Phone Keylogger

    With iKeyMonitor, you can view every keystroke typed on the target phone, including chat messages, searched terms, pasted texts, composed SMS and emails, and more.
  • Free Cell Spy

    iKeyMonitor offers a completely free plan for you to use. You can register a cell spy account for free, download this cell spy app for free on the cloud panel, and then install it on the target cell phone.
  • Spy on Chat Apps

    iKeyMonitor is a powerful cell phone spy app that monitors the chat messages, voice/video calls, and chat images on over 20 popular social chat apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, Line, Kik, Instagram, etc.
  • SMS Text Messages Spy

    As a free cell phone spy application, iKeyMonitor tracks the SMS text messages sent and received on cell phones, offering detailed information, including the names and numbers of the SMS recipients and senders.
  • Remote Cell Phone Spy

    iKeyMonitor allows you to remotely spy on cell phone activities, including chat conversations, calls, web browsing, and whereabouts. Moreover, it helps you to remotely capture screenshots, take pictures, watch the live screen, and listen to the phone surroundings.
  • Cell Phone Call Recorder

    iKeyMonitor spy app for cell phones enables you to discreetly record phone calls and VoIP calls(voice/video calls) on WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and more.
  • Track Cell Phone Locations

    iKeyMonitor lets you track the GPS locations of the target phone. You can see coordinates of positions, view accurate addresses, and check location history on the map. Besides, you can mark specific areas as “safe” or “forbidden”. You will get instant alerts when someone enters or leaves those places.
  • 30-Day Money Back

    With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you will be protected if the iKeyMonitor cell spy app fails to work on your device and our technical support team cannot fix the problem within 30 days.