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Using iKeyMonitor to monitor calendar events, you can see all the events, titles, and locations that users add to their calendars so you can track their activities and where they go.

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Calendar is a helpful tool for people to save time and streamline their organizational processes. Nowadays many people admit that using a calendar helps them get more organized than ever before. Therefore, calendar monitoring and events tracking are important to help you will know what a person does every day, every week, or every month.

Monitoring Calendar for Parental Control

Some children may get used to adding important events to the calendar so that they can get reminded before the events take place. How can you realize the goal of parental control by monitoring children’s Calendar events? Using iKeyMonitor to track their calendar events, you are able to know children’s study and entertainment activities remotely, such as participating in summer camp, going to classmates’ birthday parties, watching movies, traveling with friends, and playing video games.

Furthermore, the information informs you whether children have conducted or are planning to conduct inappropriate or dangerous activities, such as gambling, fighting with schoolmates. In this way, you can do something in time to correct their improper behaviors.


Many employees get used to using Calendar for work-related purposes. Monitoring the events that employees have added to the calendar on the company-offered devices helps you check or confirm whether the employees have finished the scheduled tasks on time or not. In this way, you are able to distribute tasks based on every employee’s productivity to improve their working efficiency.

What’s more, with iKeyMonitor calendar tracker, you can also check whether other inappropriate plans are added to the calendar, such as the plan to have dinner with the competitors on the weekend. Maybe you can catch an unexpected insider threat this way! iKeyMonitor supports tracking calendar events remotely, through which employers know easily which employees are responsible, loyal and have high productivity.