VK(VKontakte) Spy App

iKeyMonitor can help you spy on VK(VKontakte) App through logging keystrokes typed, recording text messages and capturing screenshots specifically. You can use iKeyMonitor to spy on VK(VKontakte) App on your target Android and iOS devices.

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  • Log keystrokes typed in VK App ios-JailbrokenAndroid
  • Record outgoing VKontakte messages ios-JailbrokenAndroid
  • Capture screenshots of VKontakte App ios-JailbrokenAndroid Rooted
  • iOS iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android Android All Android Devices
  • ios jailbroken iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android rooted Android(Root) Root Required
  • ios-icloud iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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Why Is Spying on VK(VKontakte) App Useful?

VK(VKontakte) is a social network that allows people to message friends, share photos, watch videos, listen to music, even play games. With such various functions, VK(VKontakte) plays a significant role in people’s daily life. Both children and employees will choose VK(VKontakte) as an entertainment tool to have fun. It is so necessary for parents and employers to spy on children’s or employees’ VK(VKontakte) on their iPhone or Android devices.

Parental Control

Hardly can children move their eyes from so many entertainments which are provided by VK(VKontakte). Children’s needs have been satisfied, but the resulting problems also have troubled parents. For instance, many children always talk on VK(VKontakte) during class time. So, could you imagine how many key points your kids have missed during school hours? In addition, nowadays many children are so precocious that they will fall in love with somebody at an early age. Young boys and girls like chatting on VK(VKontakte) to maintain their relationships. But, if your child is in love with a stranger even the stranger is a sexual offender. How can you tell what they are talking about or how can you save your child when dangers are approaching?

iKeyMonitor, the best VK(VKontakte) spy app for iPhone, can help you solve all these problems in a discreet and tamper-proof mode. With iKeyMonitor’s close monitoring, all activities on VK(VKontakte) will not escape from your eyes. Besides, iKeyMonitor can log your kids’ GPS location and record your kids’ surroundings, so you can know where your kids are and what they are doing. Besides, you can block apps which your kids are often using during their class time to ensure your kids an ideal learning environment.

Employee Monitoring

As an employer, have you discovered that your company’s performance has fallen this quarter? You think that there is no doubt that all your employees work very hard. You can hardly tell where the problem is. But, maybe your employees are playing games or watching videos on VK(VKontakte) when you can’t see them. Even some disloyal employees will steal your company’s secret information and sell it to your competitors so that they can earn a lot. So how could you find the truth?

But with the help of iKeyMonitor, you can spy on your employees’ every behaviour on VK(VKontakte) by logging keystrokes and capturing screenshots. When you want to check if your employees are really working, you can use iKeyMonitor. Otherwise, if you find some employees are just chatting on VK(VKontakte), you can block VK(VKontakte). For employers, the most powerful feature of VK(VKontakte) spy app for Android is that you can set keywords to prevent your secret business information be leaked. iKeyMonitor will send you alert emails.