Remote Spy and Control

iKeyMonitor can be turned on or off remotely with the remote control panel. All the monitoring settings can be configured remotely with the web cloud panel and the Panel App.

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  • Turn on/off monitoring
  • Set schedule and limit screen time
  • Switch and upgrade license
  • View all the logs
  • Synchronize online settings to target devices
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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You can control the keylogger and spy remotely without physical access to the iOS/Android devices. It can be operated on any computer/smartphone connected to the Internet with a remote control panel account configured on iKeyMonitor.

Remote Spy and Control for Parental Control

For the purpose of quicker communication, parents provide their children with smartphones. At the same time, plenty of interesting apps and games greatly attract children’s attention. However, it’s been noted that the cellphone is a double-edged sword, which brings both positive and negative influences on children. Parents have to keep an eye on children’s activities and prevent inappropriate activities from happening.

iKeyMonitor supports remote control and spy, which allows parents to remotely configure the client settings, monitor logs, and change settings online. In this way, parents are able to keep tabs on children’s mobile activities and control app usage remotely. What’s more, children will never know that their devices are remotely monitored and controlled by their parents. When anything wrong is detected on children’s devices, parents can take timely action to correct children from the wrong path and protect them from potential dangers.

Remote Spy and Control for Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is an effective way of spotting lazy employees who often waste time conducting non-work-related activities during office hours. It’s also easy to catch insider threats who leak confidential business information to competitors. Employee monitoring is rather crucial for the benefit and development of a company.

iKeyMontior, the most effective employee monitoring tool, makes it possible for employers to keep tabs on employees’ devices by supporting remote control and monitoring. Employees will never realize that the company-offered devices they are using right now are being monitored. Employers can monitor all activities and control monitoring remotely without employees knowing. Catching employees’ actions against the company’s rules and regulations has never been much easier than ever before.

Remote Spy and Control FAQs

Yes, iKeyMonitor is the best spy app that allows you to spy on another phone remotely. To get started, you only need to download and install it on the target device.
Yes, it is possible for someone to spy on your phone remotely if they have gained access to your device or installed iKeyMonitor spy app on it.

There are several ways to remotely control your kid’s phone. One of the most popular methods is through iKeyMonitor parental control app. The app allows you to limit the amount of screen time your child has, restrict access to certain apps or websites, and even block inappropriate content.