Spy On Pictures And Photos

With iKeyMonitor, you can spy on photos taken by cameras and screenshots saved in albums to find out what children have been doing and where they’ve been.

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  • Photos taken by camera
  • Saved Screenshots in the photo album
  • Pictures received in WhatsApp, WeChat and QQ
  • Live photo
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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Spying on pictures and photos stored in the album gives you a chance to catch the desired evidence to defend yourself when necessary. If you are a parent who wants to guide children to use electronic devices properly, or you are an employer who wants to know whether employees have conducted inappropriate activities with the company offered device, iKeyMontior is just what you need.

Spy on Photos for Parental Control

Some children don’t want to share their daily activities with their parents. By spying on the photos taken and screenshots captured on children’s iOS and Android devices, parents are able to know about their children better in a remote way. The photos tell parents what their children have done recently, where they have been, and who they have played with. Parents may feel relieved if they are familiar with all the places and persons shown in the photos.

However, parents may need to raise attention if there are strangers, or new places added to children’s photos. Maybe children have just made new friends with someone who may be drug dealer, kidnapper, murderer, or sexual predator! Maybe they have been to some inappropriate places. Parents can do some research themselves to detect potential dangers and take necessary actions to protect children from potential dangers. Or parents can have a conversation with the children and ask whether they have been in some trouble.

Spy on Photos for Employees Monitoring

Some unethical employees attempt to use the company-offered cell phones to take photos of trade secrets, tech secrets, and other valuable information, and send the photos to unauthorized individuals and groups in exchange for their own benefits. Such action may greatly harm the interests of the company.

By spying on photos and pictures on employees’ devices with iKeyMonitor, employers are able to detect potential dangers and avoid unnecessary losses by taking appropriate actions in advance. iKeyMonior allows employers to remotely spy on all the photos and screenshots saved in the employees’ device pictures folder. It’s also noteworthy that photos in WhatsApp, WeChat and QQ on Android devices can also be monitored.

Spy On Pictures and Photos FAQs

To view photos on your kid’s phone remotely, you can use a parental control app that offers a feature to monitor their device’s photo album. There are various parental control apps available on the market, such as iKeyMonitor. You can download and install iKeyMonitor on your kid’s phone and then remotely access and view the photos on your kid’s phone.
Yes, iKeyMonitor allows you to view photos remotely on someone’s phone. By spying on photos stored in the album, you can know whether your children have interacted with strangers and whether your employees have engaged in inappropriate behavior with the company’s devices.

iKeyMonitor is available for both iOS and Android devices which allows you to remotely take photos. By tracking the photos taken by iKeyMonitor, you will be able to know what your children are doing, where they have been and who they have played with.