Invisible Monitoring

iKeyMonitor provides invisible monitoring so that the target device users will never detect that their iOS or Android devices are monitored unless they are told about the truth. There will be no signs displayed on the screen or in settings.

  • Hidden start-up on boot
  • Hide Itself from Settings
  • Record and upload logs secretly
  • Password protected
  • Hide jailbreak info
  • Hide Root info
  • Customizable access URL

  • iOS
    All iPhone, iPad

  • Android
    All Android Devices

  • iOS (JB)
    Jailbroken iPhone, iPad

  • Android(Root)
    Root Required

  • iOS(iCloud)
    iCloud Credentials Required

Why Is Invisible Monitoring Useful?

With invisible and undetectable monitoring, there is no need to worry that your kids could get angry if they found out that you were monitoring them. You are also able to spot the lazy and irresponsible employees who act against the company’s policy and regulation. All of these help you find out the truth hidden on their iOS or Android devices without notifying them or hurting their feelings.

Parental Control

Invisible monitoring is the most amazing feature of iKeyMontior parental control app. For most parents, to ensure that children are using iOS or Android devices safely is their top task. For instance, children never sext with friends, play violent video games, visit inappropriate websites, watch porn videos, keep a close connection with suspicious guys who may be sexual predators, kidnappers, drug dealers.

Keeping tabs on children’s mobile activities in an invisible way not only spies on children’s mobile activities secretly, but also avoids parent-child conflict effectively. As we all know, trust issues are likely to occur when children realize that their devices have been under monitoring all the time. As a result, invisible monitoring is the best and most important when parents select a parental control tool. iKeyMonitor meets parents’ requirement in a perfect way.

Employee Monitoring

For better communication and higher productivity, some companies in finance industry and software technology fields equip employees with smartphones. However, some lazy and irresponsible employees may misuse the company-offered devices to conduct non-work related activities, including visiting Facebook, chatting on WhatsApp, shopping on Amazon, watching movies, and more activities. What’s worse, some disloyal employees may leak the confidential business information to the unauthorized parities in exchange for their own benefits.

Are they really working as hard as they look? Is there any insider threat in the company? With iKeyMonitor, you are able to know everything secretly without employees knowing! You will feel relieved if nothing strange or serious is found. If anything wrong is detected, you can take timely action to solve problems and avoid greater losses. Employees will never feel disappointed or harmed due to invisible monitoring.

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