Monitor Kik Messages

iKeyMonitor monitors Kik messages by logging both-side messages, and capturing screenshots of Kik conversations. In this way, iKeyMontior clearly monitors what has been communicated via Kik messenger.

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  • Keystrokes entered in Kik
  • Kik text messages sent and received
  • Screenshots of Kik chats
  • Date and time stamp
  • Contacts
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required


Kik gives users absolute speech freedom without displaying their real names or phone numbers online. That’s why Kik is especially popular with kids and teenagers. However, the danger may happen at any time on Kik. Children may encounter predators and fall into their traps. Employees may use the anonymity of Kik to leak trade secrets to the competitors. iKeyMonitor enables you to monitor Kik messages on target devices so that you can detect potential problems in advance.

Kik monitoring for parental control

It was reported that Kik was used by around 40% of United States teenagers in May 2016. Kik messenger is especially popular because of its anonymity, which supports registration without phone verification. However, many predators tend to use Kik as a tool to prey on children, and seduce potential victims to meet in public before raping, kidnapping or murdering them! That’s why Kik drew controversy for its reported involvement in many incidents of child exploitation.

And Kik is also criticized as an unsafe and allegedly weak parental control system. Parents should spy on children’s Kik activities to keep potential dangers from them. iKeyMonitor, the most efficient parental control tool, allows parents to monitor children’s chat messages on Kik from all aspects, and send alert notifications when keywords are triggered. In this way, parents are able to detect potential dangers and take timely action to protect children.

Employee monitoring on Kik

Many employers may have been worried about insider threats. It’s noteworthy that Kik can also be a platform used by dishonest and disloyal employees to leak confidential data to unauthorized individuals and organizations. Users can send texts, stickers and emoticons, photos to others freely via Kik. Confidential data may also be leaked! It may be tough to catch cheating employees since they register Kik accounts without phone number verification.

It seems urgent to spy on employees’ Kik messages. How can employees spy on employees’ Kik messages which are made on the company-offered devices? iKeyMonitor monitors employees’ Kik activities so that employers can always know whether there are irresponsible and dishonest employees in the companies. In this way, employers also avoid greater losses.

Kik monitoring benefits for everyone

Do you know how to retrieve accidentally deleted Kik messages? What if your phone gets lost or stolen? iKeyMonitor Kik monitoring app is the most reliable tool to restore Kik chats. You can easily back up all the Kik chat history online and restore it without having to worry about losing any information.

Monitor Kik FAQs

Yes. By using iKeyMonitor Kik monitoring app, you will be able to monitor all Kik activities on the target phone in real-time. What you can view includes keystrokes inputted in Kik, both-side Kik messages, and screenshots of Kik conversations.
Yes, iKeyMonitor Kik monitoring app enables you to recover all deleted Kik messages on Android/iOS phones. You only need to download and install iKeyMonitor on your target device to get started.
With iKeyMonitor Kik monitoring app, you can record all Kik activities on the target phone. It’s useful for those who are wondering whether their kids or employees have inappropriate activities on Kik or not.