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iKeyMonitor is a free Android spy app to monitor android phones and tablets. It’s the best spy app for Android phones that enables you to record SMS text messages, voice messages, phone calls, surroundings, keystrokes, website history, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, and chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, IMO, Hike, Viber and more. This Android spy app offers a free plan for parents and employers to monitor and track the activities of their kids and employees on Android devices.

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What Can You Do with iKeyMonitor Android Spy App?

This free spy app for Android can be used as a parental control app. When you need to monitor your children’s Android phones, it will be your good helper.

Android Spy App for Parental Control – Keep Kids Safe Online

With iKeyMonitor best spy app for Android, parental control is easy. You can detect inappropriate Android text messages, explicit chat messages, suspicious phone contacts, and other warning signs to protect your children from cyberbullying, sexual predators, cyber stalkers, online scammers, and so on.

Android Spy App - Stop Cyberbullying


  • Add alert words to detect cyberbullying
  • 65% of teens have been involved in a cyberbullying incident.
Android Spy App - Detect Sexual Predators


  • Monitor chat messages on social media
  • 82% of sex crimes involving a minor are initiated on social media.
Android Spy App - Ensure Online Safety


  • Block inappropriate websites
  • 75% of children share personal information about themselves and their families online.

30+ Android Spy Features In iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is designed as the best mobile spy app for Android mobile phones. It allows you to record as well as listen to incoming and outgoing phone calls. With this spy app for Android, you can turn on the camera or microphone of your kids’ Android phones to monitor their surroundings. If you detect that your kids are in danger, you can find them based on the precise location provided by the iKeyMonitor GPS tracker.

Both sent and received chat messages on social apps will be recorded by iKeyMonitor Android spy app. With the built-in keylogging and screenshot capturing features, iKeyMonitor Android spy no root can record any keystrokes and screenshots on any apps without rooting the device. The Android spying logs will be automatically sent to you in the background.

Spy on Web Browsing History on Android Phones

Spy on Web Browsing History on Android Phones

iKeyMonitor allows you to track browsing history on the targeted Android phone, including the title, URL, date, and time stamp of each website you visit. Also, you can quickly check if your children or employees visited any websites that contain pornography, cyberbullying, violence, or gambling content. iKeyMonitor can still record browsing history even if Chrome is in private mode or the browsing history is deleted. Just log into your Cpanel to view all the recorded browsing history.

Spy on Text Inputs on Android Phones

iKeyMonitor is a free Android spy app to monitor inputted texts on Android phones, including text messages, chat messages, emails, and website URLs. It allows you to monitor keystrokes in chatting apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, WeChat, QQ, and many others. When your child’s chat messages or search terms contain keywords related to cyberbullying, online predators, porn, or scamming, iKeyMonitor will send alerts to you immediately, so you can take action before things get worse.

Spy on Text Inputs on Android Phones
Listen to Phone Surroundings on Android

Listen to Phone Surroundings on Android

iKeyMonitor enables you to remotely listen to phone surroundings on Android phones, which makes it better than other spy apps in the market. Once installed on the target phone, you can remotely listen to the sound around the phone, record the phone’s surroundings online, and monitor the live surrounding. In addition, iKeyMonitor can be used as a parental control app to help you monitor who your children are talking to and find out whether they are being threatened or bullied by other people.

Monitor Chat Messages on Android

iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor chat messages on target Android phones. It’s easy to spy on chat messages on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Line, IMO, Snapchat, and more with the Android spy app. What you can view includes sent and received text messages, photos, and voice messages. Whenever your child sends or receives chat messages related to cyberbullying, online predators, porn, or scamming, you will receive instant notifications so you can protect them in time.

Monitor Chat Messages on Android
Automatic Call Recorder Spy App for Android

Automatic Call Recorder Spy App for Android

iKeyMonitor is a call recorder spy app for Android that automatically records calls in the background. It records incoming and outgoing calls, including the voice, contacts, and timestamps. As well as recording normal calls, it also supports recording voice and video calls for WhatsApp/Wechat/Facebook Messenger. With iKeyMonitor automatic call recorder, you can keep track of all calls made on your children’s phones and detect if there are malicious contacts and conversations to protect them from cyberbullying, online predators, and scams.

Android Spy App

How to Spy on Android for Free

  1. 1. Sign Up for Android Spy Account

    Sign up for iKeyMonitor free Android spy app.

  2. 2. Log In to the Android Spy Panel

    Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor on the target Android phone and follow the installation guide.

  3. 3. Install Android Spy App

    After installing this Android spy app, enter your license key to register iKeyMonitor.

  4. 4. Start Spying on Android Phones

    Start spying on Android phones for free.

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Android Spy App

Android Spy FAQs

General Questions

iKeyMonitor is compatible with any modern Android device (Samsung, Huawei, etc.) and iPhone/iPad. For more info, please check here.
No, you can’t monitor a phone with only a phone number or IMEI or SN. You need physical access to install iKeyMonitor on a device that you are authorized to monitor.
Yes. iKeyMonitor supports popular chat apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Skype, etc. Check the full list here.
iKeyMonitor spy app for Android works well on all Android devices regardless of brand or version. To check your device compatibility, click here.
All you need to do is install iKeyMonitor on the target phone. After installing, you can remotely check all the spying logs from your own device.
iKeyMonitor does not record, store, transmit or resell any customer’s personal information. Additionally, iKeyMonitor encrypts all your activity logs to ensure complete privacy.
Yes, a free plan is available. After signup, you will get the full plan for free for 3 days and then it will be downgraded to the free plan automatically if you do not want the advanced features.
You can pay either by credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, WeChat Pay, Alipay, or Bitcoin.

Android Spying

No. To spy on an Android phone remotely, you need physical access to the target phone and install iKeyMonitor on it. You cannot install a spy app remotely.
iKeyMonitor icon will be displayed on the top Android status bar and app drawer by default, which can be disabled from settings. You can choose to display it or not according to your parental control needs or employee monitoring policies. Check the guide here.
iKeyMonitor Android spy app works on both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. You don’t need to root your Android device. Check the Feature Comparison here.
iKeyMonitor offers a free plan to spy on Android phones. Sign up Now to enjoy the iKeyMonitor free Android spy app.
iKeyMonitor is the best free spy app for Android without rooting. It comes with over 45 features that allow you to track websites visited, record phone calls, capture live screenshots, listen to live surroundings, monitor chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and more. The installation is simple and only takes a few minutes.
No. You can’t use iKeyMonitor to spy on an Android phone without touching it. You need physical access to install iKeyMonitor Android spy app on the target Android phone.
You are allowed to install and use iKeyMonitor Android Spy App only on Android phones that you own or have permission to monitor.
iKeyMonitor is the safest spy app for Android that runs in discreet and tamper-proof mode. It is protected by a password, which prevents unauthorized access or uninstallation.

400K Users Love iKeyMonitor Spy App for Android

Spy APP User

My friend recommended this app to monitor my daughter’s cyber activities. iKeyMonitor is the best spy app for Android! I can spy on chat messages and take screenshots without her knowledge. It is a 5 star from me.

Gogo Santos

Spying APP

Every employer is concerned about employees revealing trade secrets, and iKeyMonitor makes it easy to monitor the staff. It allows me to spy on chat messages and call history. It’s the best spy app for Android!

John S.

Spy APP User

I had installed the iKeyMonitor Android spy on my mom’s phone before it got stolen. When I log in to her email on my phone, I can spy on the current location of the thief through the feature of GPS tracking.

Michael Lam

Android user
Spy APP User

After many attempts to get the best monitoring application without any results, finding this spy phone app for Android is a great relief! When employees don’t turn up at work or lie about their current location or whereabouts, I can use iKeyMonitor to track the GPS location of their phones.

Mark Simon

Android Spy APP User

Losing contacts and documents are the painful part of losing a phone. Android spy app enables me to find the person who stole my phone through the SMS text messages he sent. Fortunately, all my information is still intact. I strongly recommend this program.


Tech Savvy
Android Spy APP User

My son was in the habit of asking for nude pictures of his female friends on social apps. I installed iKeyMonitor, which supported remote spy and control. It’s immensely helpful as it can retrieve deleted photos. Every parent should get this Android spy app.



Spy on Android to Discover the Truth

How to spy on your children’s Android cell phones to discover the truth and protect them from potential dangers? Now with iKeyMonitor Android spy app, you can easily have parental control over all your children’s online activities. With the spy app for Android, you are able to record almost everything on Android phones and tablets to spy on employees or kids. Without rooting required, iKeyMonitor Android Spy No Root also puts a restriction on Androids to limit time and block inappropriate apps. You will find it useful to protect kids’ eyes and guarantee their homework time by blocking apps during certain time periods.

Do you want to track where your employees go and view their location history on the map? Are you worried that they are goofing off at work such as playing games, shopping online, watching videos, or chatting with friends during work hours? Now by equipping your employees with company-owned Android phones with iKeyMonitor pre-installed, you can easily achieve these goals and furthermore improve employee efficiency thanks to the tracking and monitoring features of the iKeyMonitor Android Spy app. You will see if your employees are in the right locations where they should be and get alerted when they are doing something unproductive. In this way, you can take immediate actions to prevent damage and increase productivity.

Why Choose iKeyMonitor Android Spy App

iKeyMonitor is the best spy app for Android. With more than 10 years of development, it has become the most stable and easy-to-use spy app in the world. As a powerful all-in-one solution, it provides 60+ monitoring features. Given these advantages, it’s widely recognized with positive reviews. Best of all, it offers a free plan, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

  • Remote Android Spy

    iKeyMonitor lets you remotely monitor your phone’s activities, including chat conversations, call recordings, web history, and whereabouts. Using the live streaming feature, you are able to capture screenshots remotely, take photos, and listen to the surroundings.
  • Android Spy No Root

    iKeyMonitor works fully on non-rooted Android phones. It’s not recommended to root the target phone for security reasons. Without rooting, you can control the permissions through the built-in Android Settings, which is more stable and secure to use.
  • Free Spy on Android

    iKeyMonitor is the only free Android spy app. You can sign up for an Account for free, download the installation package free on the panel, then install it on the target device and try it for free. What’s more, you can use the free plan forever.
  • Monitor Android Chats

    As the best spy phone app for Android, iKeyMonitor allows you to spy on chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and more. If your children have sent or received inappropriate messages, you’ll know it right away.
  • Track Android Devices

    iKeyMonitor tracks the whereabouts and location history of the target Android phones. After installing iKeyMonitor, you will see your children’s exact locations on the map.
  • Capture Screenshots

    iKeyMonitor takes screenshots of the target Android phones’ activities, including photos, videos, websites visited, chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Viber, QQ, etc. So you can know if your children have accessed inappropriate content, or if they have sent or received suspicious messages.
  • Spy on Android Calls

    iKeyMonitor enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls on Android phones. After logging into the cloud panel, you can listen to your children’s call conversations. This way you will know if they have been contacted by a predator or threatened by a bully.
  • Listen to Surroundings

    iKeyMonitor best spy app for Android allows you to record the sound around the target Android phones. By checking your children’s phone surroundings, you will find out if they are threatened or bullied.
  • Spy on Android Input

    iKeyMonitor Android spy app records keystrokes entered on the target Android phone. It shows the keystrokes your children have typed, allowing you to detect if they have conducted inappropriate activities.