iKeyMonitor Reseller Program

For Software Distributors and Private Entrepreneurs


We offer flexible margins for our resellers, depending on the order volume.

50+ licenses
Reseller Program | iKeyMonitor
5+ licenses
Reseller Program | iKeyMonitor
2+ licenses
Reseller Program | iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor has a history of more than 10 years since the release of Android 2.x and iOS 3.x. You will have a popular brand to sell, a comprehensive set of promotion tools to use and a strong company to support you in every way possible.

  • 2 or more licenses: 25% margins
  • 5 or more licenses: 45% margins
  • 50 or more licenses: 60% margins
  • Strong Brand
  • Promotion Materials
  • Worry-free Tech Support
    Note:You don’t have to provide any product-related customer service to your customers. Our customer service team will work 24/7 to support you in case of any problem.

How it works

1. Stock Up

Purchase licenses at a volume-based discount rate.

2. Sell Out

Sell the product via your distribution channel.

Flexible Licensing Options

1 Month License

  • Max margin 60% (50+ licenses)
  • Multiple Accounts will be created
  • Receive the licenses by email instantly
  • Minimum licenses: 2
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12 Month License

  • Max margin 60% (50+ licenses)
  • Multiple Accounts will be created
  • Receive the licenses by email instantly
  • Minimum licenses: 2
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Please contact us by submitting a ticket if you want to purchase an account that has multiple licenses.
Online Affiliates

Are you an affiliate marketer? Are you an expert at promoting products on the Internet? Or do you have a website where you wanna feature iKeyMonitor? If so, we are sincere in inviting you to join in iKeyMonitor Affiliate Program.


Read and agree to the reseller agreement, then purchase with the links above to enjoy the reseller price as a freelancer reseller. To become a certificate reseller, please apply with the Reseller Application Form. Certificated resellers will be recommended to customers who request local service and enjoy extra 10% margins for 2-50 licenses.

You need to purchase at least 2 licenses. The more you purchase, the higher the discount rate you will get.

You can distribute 1-month and 12-month subscriptions of iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor is the most professional brand in the mobile phone monitoring market. We are willing to share our brand strength with our resellers so that you don’t have to carry extra costs creating a no-name brand.

The licenses that resellers purchase in volume will be paused by default so that the timing of licenses won’t start after you purchase them. Only when the licenses are activated manually will timing begin.

We can offer a customization service of the product name. At least 200 licenses are required for white-label.

Banners You Can Use



<a href="your reseller link"><img src="https://ikeymonitor.com/images/resources/336x280banneriphonespy.png"></a>



<a href="your reseller link"><img src="https://ikeymonitor.com/images/resources/468x60bannerandroidspy.png"></a>



<a href="your reseller link"><img src="https://ikeymonitor.com/images/resources/970x90bannerphonespy.png"></a>


iphone spy

<a href="your reseller link"><img src="https://ikeymonitor.com/images/resources/160x600banner-iphone-spy.png"></a>

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