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  • Up to 70% commission
  • Free sign up, no startup cost
  • 120-day tracking cookies
  • Renewal orders counted
  • Trustworthy product
  • User-friendly order page
  • Worldwide service
  • Worry-free tech support

The important deets


Monthly Signups and Commissions:

  • 1-49 Signups……………..40%
  • 50-99 Signups……………..50%
  • 100-299 Signups………….60%
  • 299+ Signups…………….70%
Best rewarded!

Let’s do the math:

If you send us 100 signups in a month,
you will get up to

$119.99 x 100 x 60% =


What Do You Need to Do?

1. Sign Up

Sign Up an affiliate account or use your existing affiliate account to join the affiliate program.

2. Wait for Approval

We will review your request in 24h in the working days.

3. Get your Affiliate Link

After your request is approved, you will receive an email notification. Log in to your Affiliate account and Get your Affiliate Link.


Earn up to 70% commissions

While other rival companies are offering 15-20% commission, we offer a more considerate 50% commission to start. When the monthly orders reach 299, the commissions can be turned to 70% of each gross sale.

120 days referral tracking cookie

When a visitor follows a link or banner from your site, we keep track of your Affiliate ID for 120 calendar days. That’s 4 months during which any order placed by the same user guarantees your affiliate commission. The cookies work across multiple web browsers, resulting in greater revenues.

Renewal order counted as new signup

If the customer manually completes a renewal order within the duration of the referral cookies, the order will be counted as one signup and you will earn the commission. Please notice it doesn’t available with automated-renewal.

No START-UP COSTS, Free sign up, Monthly payments!

We use the affiliate platform which is recognized by tons of webmasters as a popular and reliable affiliate platform.

  • Exclusive offers
  • Deep links
  • Customized cart pages
  • Commissions based on the product price
  • Monthly payment by Prepaid Debit MasterCard or sent via wire transfer, check or PayPal
  • Free Sign Up

Reputable and trustworthy product

iKeyMonitor offers several well-known products in the industry so re-sellers can easily earn more with fewer efforts. The high quality is also helpful to maintain customer satisfaction and reduce the refund rate.

Order page with high conversion rate

We never stop to improve the conversion optimization and user experience of the order page. With a compelling, easy and user-friendly order page, you will be rewarded better for each visit to your resource.

Worldwide audience for global sale

Our websites and products are localized to meet the demand of the audience all over the world. We strive to make it as easy for the re-sellers outside of English-speaking countries as the others do to promote the product.

After-sale support fully lies with us

You don’t have to be technical or spend a large amount of time helping customers with the use of our products. We are burdened with the after-sale tech support by ourselves if the customers have any difficulties or questions.

Join now for Free

It’s totally free to join the affiliate program. Just three steps you can start making money.

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Please review these frequently asked questions to find answers to common concerns that come up about our wide range of services for Affiliates.

  1. How and when do affiliates get paid?
    We will pay the commission to its affiliates in 20 days from the end of the month for which the commission is due. Payment is through a choice of methods, and Affiliates can select their preferred mode of payment, such as check, wire transfer, Paypal, and pre-paid credit card.
  2. What emails & notifications do I get regarding my transactions?
    Each time a sale is made using one of the affiliate marketing links that you are promoting, you will receive a notification by email setting out the transaction and product details. This email will confirm the transaction amount and commission as well as the identifying invoice number for future reference.
  3. How can I verify that the transactions I am driving are assigned to my account?
    After registering, you will receive a unique Affiliate ID number which is added to your sales and marketing links. This number also appears on your Affiliate BuyNow pages from which sales are conducted, so you know that you are being fully credited for sales. You will also see completed transactions updated in real time in your online sales reports which can be accessed anytime.
  4. How does it track Affiliate transactions?
    For each product that you are entitled to market, you will receive affiliate links that include the product and your unique affiliate id. Every time an affiliate link is visited and a cookie is tracked to the point of purchase, the cookie is added to the computer/device of the potential customer.
  1. What is iKeyMonitor?
    iKeyMonitor is one of the first monitoring solution manufacturers in the world. Since their release, the monitoring software provided by iKeyMonitor (such as iKeyMonitor) has won high popularity, positive reviews, and good comments.
  2. What’s the target audience?
    Virtually anyone might be interested in buying our products:
    • Parents or Guardians – to monitor kids’ internet use.
    • Families – to take care of elderly members.
    • Business owners – to enforce corporate policies on company devices.
    • Other users – to help get back the lost device
  3. Languages and locales of your product?
    We endeavor to develop our products as world-wide popular monitoring solutions and serve consumers across the world. Our website is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). The product can be used anywhere in the world.
  1. What rules shall I follow?
    Please make sure to follow these rules when launching the affiliate program:
    • The information offered by you must be real;
    • Keep your promotion and sale legal;
    • Do not advertise what the product cannot do.
  2. Terms and restrictions?
    There are certain restrictions that you should keep in mind:
    • If you run a website or create a web page as your resource, the content placed there must be unique. You are prohibited from copying the website content or style of our products or others;
    • Do not post any information that does not correspond to the services offered by iKeyMonitor;
    • You are not permitted to send traffic through automatic redirects on a website page;
    • It is forbidden to use registered trademark symbol ®, product name variations or misspellings in your resources;
    • The PPC ads must link to your own resources with unique content.
    • Do not masquerade as iKeyMonitor official channel, or your affiliate member will be canceled.
    • Do not engage in any action leading to customer complaints like fraud, confusing users, or misleading customers;
    • You must insert the following disclaimer to your website, for example,
      Disclaimer: SOFTWARE INTENDED FOR LEGAL USES ONLY. You are allowed to install iKeyMonitor only on devices you own or have permission to monitor.



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<a href="your affliate link"><img src="https://ikeymonitor.com/images/resources/970x90bannerphonespy.png"></a>


iphone spy

<a href="your affliate link"><img src="https://ikeymonitor.com/images/resources/160x600banner-iphone-spy.png"></a>

Affiliate Links Format:

Order page redirect:


(where “XXXX” is your Affiliation Agreement ID number).

Landing page redirect:


(where “XXXX” is your Affiliation Agreement ID number).

We’ll answer all your questions, and prove to you why iKeyMonitor is the best affiliate program in our niche.

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