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iKeyMonitor spy call recorder records incoming and outgoing calls made on Android devices remotely in a discreet and tamper-proof mode, including call conversations, date and time stamp of each call, contacts. In that way, iKeyMonitor automatic call recorder Android allows you to have full control over all calls that are made on your kids or employees’ devices.

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  • Incoming phone calls
  • Outgoing phone calls
  • Call conversations online remotely
  • Date and time of each call
  • Contact information
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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Why Is Android Automatic Call Recorder Spy Useful?

Spy call recorder plays a significant role in assisting you to keep everything under control in both life and work. How can you know that your children are in close contact with suspicious persons? How can you confirm that there are insider threats in your company? iKeyMonitor helps you find peace of mind easily.

Parental Control

It’s common that nowadays many parents purchase smartphones for their children. Android phones are the top choice for affordable price and powerful functions. However, children may encounter some problems while they are using the smartphones. For instance, your children may spend too much time talking with others on the phone call. Whom are they talking about? What if children are making friends with sexual predators or kidnappers who are trying to lure children into meeting in reality? What if your children are being troubled by abusive and threatening phone calls?

Children are too young to solve these problems themselves. And some children are unwilling to share their problems with parents. With iKeyMonitor Android automatic spy call recorder, parents can listen to children’s phone conversations and detect whether they are having problems or making friends with dangerous guys. If there is anything wrong, parents can take timely action to prevent the occurrence of more serious problems.

Employee Monitoring

Employees may use the company-offered cell phones for non-work related activities. For example, they may get used to chatting with family members or friends over the phone call during office hours, which partially explains employees’ low productivity. And that’s not good for a corporation’ development. iKeyMonitor spy call recorder enables employers to listen to employees’ phones calls . It becomes easy to spot lazy and irresponsible workers.

Call Voice Recordings as Evidence

Last but not least, call voice recordings can also be used as evidence in court. For some disloyal and irresponsible employees, Android phones may even become a tool for them to sell or leak trade secret and business information to competitors. Employers can use iKeyMonitor android automatic spy call recorder to record the calls in detail. In this way, call voice recordings can be used as the persuading proof that employees have conducted activities harmful to the company, and defend the employers’ rights in court.