iPhone Call Recorder – How to Record Calls on an iPhone

iPhone call recorder is a call recording app that records calls on iPhone. iKeyMonitor call recorder automatically monitors and records the calls on a jailbroken iPhone. Besides recording calls, this auto call recording spy app also records surroundings, voice messages, chat messages, and more.

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What Can You Do with iKeyMonitor iPhone Call Recorder?

iKeyMonitor free call recorder for iPhone allows you to listen to the recordings to detect inappropriate conversations. Therefore, you can keep your children away from online predators and cyberbullies. If you are monitoring employees on the company-provided iPhone, you can also protect your business from data breaches.

Parental Control – Keep Kids Safe Online

Recently, there have been many online risks for children, such as online predators, cyberbullying, and online scams. As the best call recording app for iPhone, iKeyMonitor allows you to remotely record and listen to the calls your kids made and received on iPhone. It helps you keep kids away from predators, cyberbullies, and scammers.

stop cyberbullying


  • Add alert words to detect cyberbullying
  • 65% of teens have been involved in a cyberbullying incident.
Detect Sexual predators


  • Monitor chat messages on social media
  • 82% of sex crimes involving a minor are initiated on social media.
ensure online safety


  • Block inappropriate websites
  • 75% of children share personal information about themselves and their families online.

Employee Monitoring – Increase Employee Productivity

iKeyMonitor enables you to monitor what your employees talk about with others on company-offered iPhones. In this way, you can protect your business from information leakage or other potential risks.

30+ Recording Features In iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor iPhone call recording app provides lots of features for you to record activities on the target iPhone. It enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls and listen to the recorded calls remotely. All call recordings from the monitored iPhone are uploaded to your online account, and you are allowed to access them as you want.

How to Record iPhone Calls with iKeyMonitor?

  1. 1. Get the Target iPhone

    Check whether the target iPhone can be jailbroken/has been jailbroken. iPhones that are not jailbroken/cannot be jailbroken are not supported.

  2. 2. Sign Up

    Register for a free account of iKeyMonitor iPhone call recorder.

  3. 3. Log In

    Log in to the Cloud Panel.

  4. 4. Install iKeyMonitor

    Download the jailbroken edition of iKeyMonitor in Cydia.

  5. 5. Start Recording

    Start recording calls on the target iPhone for free.

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iPhone Call Recorder FAQs

General Question

Yes. You need physical access to the target device and jailbreak it before installing iKeyMonitor.
iKeyMonitor iPhone call recorder works on jailbroken iPhones. You need to figure out whether your iPhone can be jailbroken. Check the compatibility here.
No, you can’t monitor a phone with only a phone number or IMEI or SN. You need physical access to install iKeyMonitor on a device that you are authorized to monitor.

Call Recording

Yes. You need to jailbreak the target iPhone to use iKeyMonitor Call Recorder. Check the Jailbreak guide here. After jailbreaking, you can install iKeyMonitor Jailbreak Edition to record calls on the target phone.
Yes. iKeyMonitor free iPhone call recorder allows you to record a phone call on a jailbroken iPhone.
You need to jailbreak the target iPhone and install iKeyMonitor to record iPhone calls.

400K Users Love iKeyMonitor iPhone Call Recorder

Spy APP User

iKeyMonitor best free call recorder for iPhone works well. It helped me know who my daughter talked to on her iPhone. It recorded incoming and outgoing calls. I quickly found everything I needed. This app makes it very easy to record calls on jailbroken iPhones. I like this free call recorder!

Gogo Santos

Spying APP

Using iKeyMonitor, I can check if any dishonest and unethical employees are stealing time and money from my business. I can ensure that they are not spending their working time on phone calls instead of work. I can track my employees’ iPhone activities, which gives me peace of mind.

John S.

Spy APP User

I have been looking for a call recording app for iPhone with the features of my dreams. I finally found iKeyMonitor a few months ago! It is the best app I have tried! When I found out that iKeyMonitor offers call recording and surround recording features, I couldn’t express my joy.

Michael Lam

iPhone User
Spy APP User

I am very happy that iKeyMonitor has finally launched a free call recording app for iPhone. For many years, recording calls on an iPhone have been troublesome. Now, I only need to install iKeyMonitor to listen to the recordings on the cloud panel. Thanks for providing me with such a helpful app!

Mark Simon

iPhone Spy APP User

I have used iKeyMonitor to monitor my kids’ iPhones for nearly 3 months. I can’t believe it took me so long to find this perfect app. It ensures that I know exactly what my kids are talking and doing on their phones. With iKeyMonitor, things are much simpler.


Tech Savvy
iPhone Spy APP User

Recently, I noticed that my daughter spends a lot of time talking with someone on her iPhone. I wanted to monitor her phone to find out what had happened. I tried many apps, but none of them can record calls on a jailbroken iPhone. One day I found iKeyMonitor, which can automatically monitor the calls on the target device. Great app for me!



Why Choose iKeyMonitor iPhone Call Recording App

  • Free Call Recorder for iPhone

    iKeyMonitor allows you to record the calls on the target jailbroken iPhone for free. After installation, you can listen to the recorded calls, check each call’s timestamp, and view contact information. You can try this best call recorder for iPhone at no charge.
  • Automatic Call Recorder

    Once iKeyMonitor is installed on the target iPhone, it will automatically record call conversations through the device’s microphone. These call recordings will be saved and uploaded to the cloud panel for future use.
  • Spy Call Recorder

    iKeyMonitor remotely records both sides of calls made on jailbroken iPhone devices in discreet mode. As an auto call recorder for iPhone, iKeyMonitor makes it easy for you to listen to the calls made on your children’s or employees’ iPhones.
  • Call Recorder for iOS Jailbreak Tweak

    iKeyMonitor is a call recorder for jailbroken iPhone, which can be used for free on the target iPhone. You can search for iKeyMonitor in Cydia and install it to remotely record calls on jailbroken iPhones.
  • Record Voice Messages

    iKeyMonitor enables you to remotely monitor the voice messages sent and received on the target iPhone. It supports recording the voice messages shared in WhatsApp and WeChat.
  • Record Surroundings

    iKeyMonitor iPhone call recorder automatically records the sounds and voices around the target iPhone, allowing you to listen to them later in the cloud panel.