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iKeyMonitor monitors Instagram activity on iOS and Android devices by logging keystrokes entered, capturing screenshots of chats and photos shared via Instagram. iKeyMonitor monitors Instagram activity from all aspects so that you can always keep everything under control.

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  • Keystrokes typed in Instagram
  • Incoming Instagram messages
  • Outgoing Instagram messages
  • Screenshots of Instagram photos and chats
  • Date and time stamp
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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According to a survey in 2013, Instagram has attracted the younger generation with 90% of the 150 million users under the age of 35. Instagram is a public platform where everyone can share their photos and videos freely. However, there are some problems that should raise the attention of parents and employers, which even push the necessity of monitoring Instagram activity.

Parental Monitoring

Young children and teenagers prefer to express themselves and escape from parents’ control by sharing their selfies and videos freely on Instagram without their parents knowing. However, there are some risks of using Instagram that you should know. Some strangers may reach out to younger children via Instagram and harass them by sending sexual texts and images. Some kids may even be troubled by cyber-bullying from peers.

What’s worse, some guys who have bad intentions may post your children’s private photos or videos publicly online, which may trouble children greatly and put much pressure on them. Some photos and videos which contain porn, violence and drugs may also be shared and found on Instagram. Children will be influenced by these inappropriate photos and videos.

Fortunately, you can use iKeyMonitor to monitor children’s Instagram activity so that your children will never get mad at you for Instagram monitoring. Checking the keystrokes that children input on Instagram and monitoring the screenshots of children’s Instagram chats and photos displays children’s Instagram activity clearly. You can sit down with children and teach them the right way of using Instagram once you detect any inappropriate Instagram activity conducted on their device.

Employee Monitoring

Instagram is also popular with young generations with the high education background. According to a survey completed by Instagram users, social interaction, archiving, self-expression, escapism and peeking are five main motives of Instagram users. During office hours, some employees tend to log in to Instagram, update their activity, express dissatisfaction with colleagues and work, and view others’ photos and activity. That partially accounts for some employees’ low productivity.

Monitoring employees’ Instagram activities can tell whether employees are really as hard-working as they appear to be. Some employees even leak confidential business information via Instagram, whose irresponsible behavior may greatly harm the benefits of companies. Monitoring employees’ Instagram activity may help employers spot lazy and cheating employees easily. iKeyMonitor allows employers to spy on employees’ instagram activities from all aspects and take timely action to prevent greater loss.


Do you know what to do if you accidentally deleted some Instagram messages? What if your phone gets lost or stolen? iKeyMonitor Instagram monitoring app helps you solve these problems easily. Install iKeyMonitor on your phone and you can back up your Instagram chats online and restore them if needed.