Live Screen Streaming Video

Watching the live screen of monitored smartphones and tablets, iKeyMonitor shows you what is happening on the target device in real time. In order to analyze the screen videos, you can save them to the panel or download them to your device.

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  • Remote Live Screen
  • Record Screen Videos
  • Screen recorder triggering by events
  • Screen recorder Schedules
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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WHY IS IT USEFUL TO Watch the live screen?

The feature of recording and streaming live screen videos provides you with a visual video of exactly what the user is doing on Android phones and tablets, which play an important role in parental control and employee monitoring. You can use iKeyMonitor to know what your children are doing on their devices and whether they need your guidance and help. You can also easily know whether employees are conducting inappropriate activities on company-offered devices so as to prevent more serious problems and economic losses.

Watch The Screens of Children’s Phones in Real Time

Watching the live screen video streams allows you to monitor your children’s mobile activities which cannot be logged by screenshots and text messages. For example, you can know what credentials they have input, what emojis they are sending and all other activities. You are watching the whole screen activities so you won’t miss anything important.

So, you can determine whether they are making friends with malicious people or whether they have received inappropriate messages from predators or friends, such as porn, bullying, threatening, harassment, or assault. Watching the screen video of your children’s mobile activities lets you know your children from all aspects.

Watch The Screens of Employees’ Phones in Real Time

Watching live screen also plays an important role in monitoring employees’ activities and performance at work. During work hours, some employees may use company-provided devices to conduct activities unrelated to their work, such as watching videos or films, shopping online, and video chatting with friends and family. Watching the live screen of the company devices shows visually which employees are just wasting the company’s resources and money.

Furthermore, some unethical employees may violate the company’s regulations and rules, such as selling or leaking trade secrets to competitors. iKeyMonitor is capable of viewing multiple phone screens in real time. In that way, it’s quick and easy to catch insider threats in a company. And the recorded screen videos can serve as persuading proof in the future.

Live Screen Streaming Video FAQs

Yes, it’s possible to record a phone screen to video remotely using a screen recording app such as iKeyMonitor. It allows you to access a phone remotely and record the screen to video, which can then be saved and played back later.
Yes, iKeyMonitor parental control app allows you to monitor your child’s phone from your own phone so that you can view all activities on your child’s phone. You only need to download and install iKeyMonitor on your child’s phone to get started.

Yes, you can watch a live screen of someone’s phone by using iKeyMonitor. You’ll need to install iKeyMonitor with physical access on the target phone in advance.