Monitor WeChat Messages and WeChat Chat History

iKeyMonitor supports monitoring WeChat messages on the target iOS and Android devices. What you can view includes keystrokes inputted in WeChat, both-side WeChat messages, and screenshots of WeChat conversations, and WeChat voice messages.

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monitor wechat


  • Keystrokes typed in WeChat
  • Text messages sent and received in WeChat
  • Screenshots of WeChat messages
  • Photos sent and received in WeChat
  • Voice messages in WeChat
  • WeChat Calls
  • Date and time stamp
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
monitor wechat


Currently, WeChat is the top messaging app in China, popular with young and adult users. However, along with the huge popularity of WeChat, there exist some serious problems. And that’s why iKeyMonitor is needed to monitor WeChat messages and WeChat chat history on your kids’ iOS and Android devices.

Parental Monitoring

Some child sexual predators may pretend to be good guys, and use WeChat to make friends with young children, and then seduce them to meet in public. Some guys even constantly harass children by sending sexual pictures and texts to them. Some children are naive enough to believe in strangers easily and share their private information with strangers, such as selfies, home address, school name, phone number. These predators may be able to find children’s home according to the given information and then attempt to kidnap kids!

Some kids are too young to know the right way of protecting themselves from such dangerous guys online. That’s why parents should spy on children’s WeChat activities and protect them from dangers online. iKeyMonitor monitors children’s WeChat messages remotely so that parents are relieved knowing that their children are secure online. Parents are also able to take timely actions to protect children against potential dangers.

Employee Monitoring

Employees become less productive just because they have spent too much time chatting with friends or family via WeChat and other chat apps. WeChat allows users to send and receive WeChat red envelopes, shop online and play games. Employees’ over addiction in these non-work related activities may greatly influence their performance at work. What’s worse, some unethical employees may also leak confidential business information to friends or competitors through WeChat chats.

It will be a necessity for employers to spy on employees’ WeChat messages which happened on the company-offered iOS and Android devices. iKeyMonitor monitors employees’ WeChat chat history, and send you email notifications as soon as any preset keyword is triggered in the chat. In that way, it will be a piece of cake for employers to catch lazy or dishonest employees.


Have you ever wondered how to restore WeChat chat history if your mobile device is lost or stolen? What should you do if you accidentally deleted some WeChat messages? With iKeyMonitor WeChat spy app, you can easily back up your WeChat text messages and voice messages online and restore them when needed.