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iKeyMonitor automatically records voice messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and more, allowing you to track your kids’ activities and protect them from danger.

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Now many social media apps installed on iPhone/iPad/Android phones/tablets support sharing voice messages one to one or in groups. Voice chat not only facilitates communication, but also brings about some security issues. For children’s online security and confidential data protection, maybe it’s necessary for parents and employers to record voice chat messages on the devices of children and employees.

Record Voice Messages on Children’s Phones

Sending voice messages online is especially popular with children. Without calling others by dialing the phone number, children just need to use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and other social media apps on smartphones connected to the Internet, and then they can send voice messages to their friends in real time. As a result, many children like to chat with friends in the way of voice messages instead of text messaging.

Under this circumstance, voice message recording is necessary if you want to know clearly whether your children have inappropriate behaviors online or encounter some unwanted trouble, such as cyberbullying, online predators, school bullying, threats and harassment from strangers, etc. As the most advanced parental monitoring app, iKeyMonitor helps you monitor your children’s activities and protect them from dangers by recording their voice messages on Android phones and iPhone remotely.

Record Voice Messages on Employees’ Phones

The wide use of voice messaging may also bring about potential security issues for a company. Some employees tend to waste office hours chatting with friends and families when they should be doing their work, whose irresponsible actions greatly waste the company’s resources and increase the cost! What’s worse, some employees may leak trade secrets, and other confidential business information to competitors in voice messages. And it may be difficult for employers to catch the proof.

iKeyMonitor allows you to record employees’ voice messages shared on company-offered devices remotely. This way, you always know what your employees talk about online, enabling you to manage employees more effectively, detect potential dangers, and take measures in time.

Voice Messages Recording FAQs

The best way to record a voice message is by using iKeyMonitor voice message recording app. With iKeyMonitor, you can view sent or received voice messages on messages so that you can know clearly whether your kids are engaging in inappropriate online behaviors or encountering unwanted trouble, such as threats and harassment from strangers or school bullying.
Yes, iKeyMonitor is an excellent monitoring app that allows you to record voice messages on WhatsApp. Additionally, iKeyMonitor allows you to record voice messages on other social media apps, such as Line, Skype, WeChat, etc.

It is easy for you to track WhatsApp voice notes on your child’s phone remotely by using iKeyMonitor WhatsApp spy app. In addition, iKeyMonitor has a unique feature that enables you to transcribe voice messages into text messages so that you can view them directly rather than listen to them repeatedly.