With iKeyMonitor, you can keep track of all texts inputted on the target device, including composed emails, sent chat messages and more.

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  • All typed Keystrokes
  • keystrokes
  • Email keystrokes
  • Chat App keystrokes
  • SMS keystrokes
  • Website URL keystrokes
  • iOS All iPhone, iPad
  • Android All Android Devices
  • iOS (JB) Jailbroken iPhone, iPad
  • Android(Root) Root Required
  • iOS(iCloud) iCloud Credentials Required
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Why Is iKeyMonitor Key logger Useful?

iKeyMonitor records keystrokes on Android phones and iPhones, including words typed and texts pasted on the monitored devices. It can even record words that are hidden as asterisks. The key logger enables parents to detect whether children conduct inappropriate performance or encounter unwanted trouble. Besides, it will be easy for employers to prevent employees from leaking confidential data.

Record Input on Children’s Phones

iKeyMonitor shows you everything that your children input on their devices.You can check what messages have been sent from their iOS and Android devices. As a result, you know whether they have conducted inappropriate activities online, such as watching pornographic videos, sexting, gambling, game addiction, and more.

You can guide them on the right way to use a cell phone once you detect anything wrong. You can also take action in time to protect them when they are trapped in threats, cyber-bullying, violence, and other unwanted trouble.

Logging words in hidden characters gives you the chance to log in to your children’s social networking sites and watch their social activities. You can know whether they are in close touch with suspicious guys whose real identification may be sexual predators or kidnappers. You are able to protect them from harassment or threats from strangers online in advance.

Record Input on Employees’ Devices

For better communication and higher productivity, some companies in the finance industry and software technology fields equip employees with smartphones. However, some lazy and irresponsible employees may misuse these phones.

Do you want to know what employees are doing with company-offered iOS or Android devices? Do they really devote all their time and energy to work? How can you know there are insider threats leaking the business confidential information to your competitors?

iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone enables you to know everything that your employees do on their devices and sends email notifications to you once keywords are triggered, making it easy for you to catch lazy or unethical employees. What’s more, knowing what your employees type in social media apps allows you to catch which employees are cheating, lying, even stealing company assets.

Record Input for backup

Logging keystrokes can be very useful for personal use. iKeyMonitor keylogger can back up your draft messages, usernames or some other important information. In case you lose them or your phone is lost or stolen, you can recover them easily.

Recording Keystrokes FAQs

Yes, there are several apps available that can record inputs on Android devices, such as iKeyMonitor. It records all inputs on the target Android phone, including typed words, pasted text, composed emails, chat messages, searched terms and more.
Yes, it is possible to track the inputted keystrokes on an iPhone after jailbreaking with iKeyMonitor. Without jailbreaking, you can use a parental control app with a custom keyboard to track the input on iPhone/iPad.

With iKeyMonitor, you can record all the keystrokes typed on your child’s phone. You need physical access to install the App in advance to record the inputted keystrokes.