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iKeyMonitor Snapspy app for iPhone/Android is especially designed for tracking Snapchat activities on iPhone and Android phone. Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular as it automatically deletes the messages in a few seconds after the messages are sent out so that no one else can know the content. Porn, violence, and other inappropriate content may also be transmitted via Snapchat! iKeyMonitor Snappy app for iPhone/Android phone not only spies on Snapchat activities and other mobile activities by capturing screenshots, logging keystrokes, and chat conversations, but also limits the usage of Snapchat and other apps with specified time limit rules.

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Features of Snapspy App for iPhone/Android

Being the most secure and professional Snapspy app for iPhone/Android, iKeyMonitor features in logging Snapchat incoming and outgoing messages on the target iPhone and Android, including photos, voice messages and text messages. Not only does it record all the Snapchat activities, iKeyMonitor also provides many other monitoring features, such as logging call history, typed chat conversations, GPS location, social networking activities, web history, and keystrokes inputted on iPhone and Android.

Files such as photos, audios and videos sent via Snapchat can be deleted in seconds and won’t be saved. Thanks to iKeyMonitor, even the deleted messages can also be saved and checked.

  • Snapchat Screenshots
  • Snapchat Keystrokes
  • Website History
  • Snapchat Text Messages
  • Listen Surrounding Sounds
  • Automatic Screenshots
  • Track GPS Location
  • Check Snapchat Logs Online
  • SMS Text Messages
Snapspy app

Find out the Truth with Snapspy App

Snapchat gains great popularity since it allows users to send and share photos, audio and video messages which can be deleted in seconds and won’t be stored on the phone. This feature also gives users an opportunity to transmit porn, violence, cyberbullying and other inappropriate information in a discreet and tamper proof way. That’s why many parents and enterprise owners find it’s necessary to monitor Snapchat activities on the mobile phone of the ones they care about. iKeyMonitor Snapspy app for iPhone/Android helps you find out the truth.

User Reviews of Snapspy App for iPhone/Android

Why Choose iKeyMonitor Snapspy App?

  • Switch Monitoring on/off Remotely

    You can switch monitoring status on/off remotely via the remote control panel. Besides, you can even make use of the monitoring feature to find back lost iPhone/Android phone.
  • Best Voice Recording Spy

    iKeyMonitor is the best Snapspy app for iPhone/Android with voice recording feature. Almost all types of mobile activities can be recorded, including typed keystrokes, chat conversations, GPS locations, photos, voice messages and more.
  • 24/7 Real-Time Support

    iKeyMonitor support team provides 24*7 tech support through Email and live chat so that your problems can get solved as soon as possible.
  • Secure Snapspy App

    Unlike those spy apps which only store your logs on an online server, iKeyMonitor Snapspy app also separately sends all the monitoring logs to your own Email.
  • Discreet & Tamper Proof

    There is no need to worry about unauthorized access to iKeyMonitor because it is secured by password and customizable code. There is no necessary to worry about unauthorized uninstallation since it can be converted to system app on rooted phone.
  • 100% Free Trial

    iKeyMonitor Snapspy app offers a 100% free trial for all iPhone and Android users, which contains almost all the features of the full version. Try it on your own device before you decide to purchase the full one.
  • 1 License for 1 iOS or 1 Android

    1 license can be used on either 1 iOS or 1 Android device, so you don’t have to buy an extra license if you plan to switch between iOS and Android devices.
  • Multi-Language Support

    iKeyMonitor not only provides multi-language interfaces, but also record the monitoring logs in multiple languages. You can select the language as you prefer.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We guarantee that you can get your money back in 30 days if iKeyMonitor is not working on your device and our tech support team cannot solve your problem.
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee