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iKeyMonitor free mobile spy app is the best spy app for mobile phones. It enables you to spy on mobile phone activities such as SMS, calls, web history, and chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, Instagram, and more. Additionally, it provides features to track GPS locations, listen to phone surroundings, and view the mobile phone screen in real-time. With a free plan, iKeyMonitor offers an effective way to discover the truth behind the activities on target mobile devices.


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Mobile Spy App for Parental Control – Keep Kids Safe Online

If you’re looking to monitor your kids’ cell phones, iKeyMonitor will be a great help. This best mobile phone spy app gives you the ability to detect suspicious contacts, inappropriate text messages/websites, explicit chat messages, and many other mobile activities to protect your kids from online predators, cyberbullies, cyberstalkers, and scammers.

Mobile Spy App - Stop Cyberbullying


  • Add alert words to detect cyberbullying
  • 65% of teens have been involved in a cyberbullying incident.
Mobile Spy App - Detect Sexual Predators


  • Monitor chat messages on social media
  • 82% of sex crimes involving a minor are initiated on social media.
Mobile Spy App - Ensure Online Safety


  • Block inappropriate websites
  • 75% of children share personal information about themselves and their families online.

30+ Features In iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App

As a powerful spy app for mobile phones, iKeyMonitor provides over 30 features to monitor your children’s activities on their mobile phones. With this free mobile spy app, you can:

  • Monitor chat conversations on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Record and listen to all phone calls, including voice and video calls.
  • Track the GPS location to locate your children precisely.
  • Set screen time limits to prevent overuse of their phones.
  • Automatically upload spying logs to your cloud panel for convenient access.

In addition, iKeyMonitor allows you to remotely control the monitored mobile phone, including capturing screenshots, blocking specific apps/games, listening to surroundings, and more.

Record phone calls and VoIP calls on WhatsApp, Facebook etc

Record phone calls and VoIP calls on WhatsApp, Facebook etc

iKeyMonitor offers a mobile spy feature that allows you not only to record regular phone calls but also monitor VoIP calls from popular social media chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Snapchat, and more. The recorded calls can be transcribed into text, so you can easily view all call content directly without having to listen to each call individually.

Best Mobile Spy App for Realtime Monitoring

Real-time mobile phone monitoring is an important feature of iKeyMonitor. This feature allows you to monitor your kids’ or employees’ phones in real-time. Whether monitoring text messages, recording cell phone calls, or tracking GPS location, this spy app provides you with timely, accurate information so that you can quickly identify any unauthorized or inappropriate behavior and take timely action when necessary.

Best Mobile Spy App for Realtime Monitoring

How to Spy on Mobile Phones

  1. 1. Sign Up for Mobile Spy Account

    Sign up for a free plan of iKeyMonitor mobile spy app.

  2. 2. Log In to the Mobile Spy Panel

    Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor mobile spy app to the target mobile phone.

  3. 3. Install Mobile Spy App

    Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key.

  4. 4. Start Spying on Mobile Phones

    Start spying on mobile phones on the Cloud Panel.

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400K Users Love iKeyMonitor Free Mobile Spy App

Spy APP User

I was impressed with iKeyMonitor’s range of features, including SMS monitoring, location tracking, and social media spying. There’s also a call recording feature so I can hear exactly what my kids are saying on their mobile phones. Using iKeyMonitor mobile spy app, I can monitor my kids’ activities on different mobile apps. I think it’s the best app for monitoring mobile phones.

Gogo Santos

Spying APP

iKeyMonitor helps me monitor my daughter’s online activities on mobile devices. It’s a very powerful tool for finding out where my daughter has been and who she has chatted with. After installation, I can check all her behaviors without worrying about being detected. With the information provided by iKeyMonitor, I feel relieved. Thanks a lot!

John S.

Spy APP User

iKeyMonitor promises and delivers what it promises, giving you complete remote control of your monitored mobile devices. It’s easy to install and use. After downloading this mobile spy app for Android, I can find everything about the target mobile phone on the cloud panel. With the help of iKeyMonitor, it’s easy to keep my kids away from online threats such as scammers, predators, cyberbullies, etc.

Michael Lam

Android user
Spy APP User

iKeyMonitor is one of the best free mobile spy apps on the market. For each problem, there are solutions in the support section of the app’s website. You don’t even need to root your mobile device to use this app. It always works well and gives you what you need. I hope that this free spy app can help you.

Mark Simon

Mobile Spy APP User

I can say that iKeyMonitor has helped me a lot in checking what my kids are doing on their mobile phones. Using iKeyMonitor cell phone spy app, I can see what happened on all the mobile apps by logging in to the cloud panel. So I can protect them from all kinds of online dangers. This mobile spy app is worth recommending to every parent!


Tech Savvy
Mobile Spy App User

I installed iKeyMonitor to spy on my son as he has run away from home several times. At least now I can see where he is at all times, so I’m less anxious. There’s no better app than iKeyMonitor. It runs in incognito mode and lets you know what your kids are doing on their mobile devices. Thanks again for everything. Without iKeyMonitor, I’d be lost.



Why iKeyMonitor Is the Best Spy App for Mobile Phones

Parents can easily monitor their kids using this best free mobile spy app for Android and iPhone. The iKeyMonitor app has been around for 10 years, and it offers powerful features, a professional support team, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a completely free plan. Using this highly recommended app, you can enjoy features such as real-time screen watching, surround listening, and call recording, all created by a team of professionals with a decade of experience.

  • Remote Mobile Spy

    iKeyMonitor mobile spy app allows you to remotely monitor chat messages, phone calls, GPS locations, and other mobile activities. Log in to the cloud panel to capture screenshots, take photos and listen to the surroundings of the target phone.
  • Safe & Reliable Mobile Spy

    This mobile spy keeps all monitoring logs in a private and secure cloud panel, which prevents unauthorized access. It also keeps your personal information confidential.
  • Capture Screenshots

    iKeyMonior regularly captures screenshots of the target mobile phone and continuously uploads the screenshots to the cloud panel so that you can view the screen activities of the target phone remotely.
  • Monitor Text Messages

    iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor both sent and received text messages on the target mobile device. Even if some messages have been deleted, you can still view them through iKeyMonitor’s backup on your online Panel.
  • Track GPS Locations

    iKeyMonitor enables you to track the GPS locations of target cell phones. With this free mobile spy software, you will see the coordinates of positions, accurate addresses, mobile location history and routes on the map.
  • Log Mobile Keystrokes

    Using iKeyMonitor mobile spy app, you can track all keystrokes on mobile phones, including composed SMS/Emails, entered website URLs, pasted contents, and sent chat messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more.
  • Spy on WhatsApp/Facebook etc

    iKeyMonitor best mobile spy app enables you to spy on social networking activities, such as chat conversations, pictures, videos and calls on instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Line, and more.
  • Mobile Call Recorder

    This Mobile spy apk automatically records incoming and outgoing calls on target phones, as well as VoIP calls. After logging into the cloud panel, you can remotely listen to the recorded conversation on your mobile device.
  • Mobile Spy Free Plan

    iKeyMonitor provides users with a free plan that can be used forever. With this mobile spy free plan, you can always keep an eye on your kids and protect them from online threats.