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iKeyMonitor is a phone spy app that allows you to spy on smartphones remotely. It features modules such as screen time monitoring, social media spying, GPS tracking, call recording, and more to help parents keep their children safe.


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What Can You Do With iKeyMonitor Phone Spy App?

With iKeyMonitor best phone spy app, you can keep a watchful eye on your children’s online activities to protect them from online predators and ensure a safe online environment. Additionally, you can improve productivity with iKeyMonitor by monitoring your employee‘s activities during work hours and preventing data breaches.

Phone Spy App for Parental Control – Keep Kids Safe Online

iKeyMonitor phone spy app for parental control helps you keep your children safe and secure online. In addition to monitoring texts and calls, it also tracks the browsing history and social media activity of children online. It allows you to guide your children’s online experience, protecting them from dangerous content, predators, and cyberbullying. iKeyMonitor is easy to install and configure and provides round-the-clock monitoring, making it an essential tool for you to keep your children safe online.

Mobile Spy App - Stop Cyberbullying


  • Add alert words to detect cyberbullying
  • 65% of teens have been involved in a cyberbullying incident.
Mobile Spy App - Detect Sexual Predators


  • Monitor chat messages on social media
  • 82% of sex crimes involving a minor are initiated on social media.
Mobile Spy App - Ensure Online Safety


  • Block inappropriate websites
  • 75% of children share personal information about themselves and their families online.

30+ Features In iKeyMonitor Phone Spy App

As a powerful free phone spy app, iKeyMonitor provides several advanced features to monitor and track activities on smartphones. With call recording, iKeyMonitor allows you to listen to and record all incoming and outgoing calls. Social media tracking lets you monitor activity on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Wechat, and Instagram. For more information, see the highlighted features below.

How to Spy on Mobile Phones

  1. 1. Sign Up for Mobile Spy Account

    Sign up for a free plan of iKeyMonitor mobile spy app.

  2. 2. Log In to the Mobile Spy Panel

    Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor mobile spy app to the target mobile phone.

  3. 3. Install Mobile Spy App

    Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key.

  4. 4. Start Spying on Mobile Phones

    Start spying on mobile phones on the Cloud Panel.

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Phone Spy FAQs

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400K Users Love iKeyMonitor Free Phone Spy App

Spy APP User

I have a 15-year-old daughter who loves to chat on Skype. I’m worried she’ll come across online predators. Thanks to iKeyMonitor, it allows me to monitor my daughter’s Skype conversations and keep her safe from online threats.

Gogo Santos

Spying APP

I love the screenshot feature of iKeyMonitor. It lets me take screenshots of what my kids are doing on their phones without them knowing. With ikeymonitor, I can see if they are doing anything wrong or if they are in danger. It is highly recommended.

John S.

Spy APP User

My son used to play mobile games for hours every day. After I used iKeyMonitor to limit his phone screen time, he is no longer addicted to mobile games but rather enjoys going outdoors with us.

Michael Lam

Android user
Spy APP User

I am a boss and I use iKeyMonitor to monitor my employees. While I am away from the office, the phone surrounding feature of iKeyMonitor lets me know whether my employees talk about non-work related things during working hours. This is a fantastic feature. I love it.

Mark Simon

Mobile Spy APP User

Using the GPS tracking feature of the iKeyMonitor, I was able to track the GPS location of my phone and eventually found it, despite the fact that it had been lost for a long time.


Tech Savvy
Mobile Spy App User

iKeyMonitor has really helped me keep track of what my kids are doing on their mobile phones. By logging into the cloud panel of iKeyMonitor, I can see what happens on all mobile apps. In this way, I can keep them safe from all kinds of online dangers. I recommend this phone spy app to every parent!



Why iKeyMonitor Is the Best Spy App for Mobile Phones

iKeyMonitor is the most effective phone spy app for Android and iPhone available today. It has an excellent technical team with more than ten years of work experience. As a powerful all-in-one solution, iKeyMonitor provides 60+ monitoring features. Additionally, it offers a unique feature not available in other similar apps on the market which allows you to watch the phone screen in real-time. So you can check the content easily to see if your kids are having inappropriate activities.

  • Remote Phone Spy

    iKeyMonitor is one of the best phone spy apps with many features for remote monitoring. This includes controlling the screen time, monitoring the live screen, listening to the surroundings, tracking the phone location, etc.
  • Safe & Reliable Phone Spy

    Once iKeyMonitor cell phone spy app is installed on the target phone, it runs in the background. Additionally, it saves all monitoring logs in a private and secure cloud panel that is inaccessible to anyone except you.
  • Watch Live Screen

    iKeymonitor allows you to view the screen of the remote phone in real-time and save screen activities as videos. Having the full-screen activities saved as videos means you won’t miss anything. It is possible to download videos for archiving or analysis at a later date.
  • Spy on Text Messages

    iKeyMonitor phone spy app for Android enables you to spy on text messages sent and received on the target phone. Additionally, it allows you to access past text messages and view conversations that may have been deleted.
  • Spy on Phone Locations

    The GPS locations feature of iKeyMonitor helps you track GPS locations remotely. With iKeyMonitor, you can view the location history of the target device, including the current location and coordinates.
  • Live Surroundings

    With the iKeyMonitor phone spy application, you can listen to the sounds around the phone. The surroundings will be saved on the panel so you can analyze them later. You can easily locate the important time spots where there is sound by using sound waves.
  • Spy on WhatsApp/Facebook

    iKeyMonitor spy phone app lets you remotely spy on conversations on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, etc. Using iKeyMonitor, you can view conversations, photos, videos, and other media files shared on these social platforms.
  • Phone Call Recorder

    iKeyMonitor phone spy apk enables you to record all incoming and outgoing calls of your children and employees. As well as recording regular phone calls, it also records VoIP calls on WhatsApp, Wechat, Telegram, etc.
  • Phone Spy Free Plan

    iKeyMonitor spy phone app offers a completely free plan, which allows you to utilize all the basic monitoring features. There are no hidden fees. No credit card is required. Sign up for free now.