Download iKeyMonitor for iOS (Jailbreak Edition)

iKeyMonitor is the only Keylogger for iPhone/iPad/Android with Keystrokes, SMS, Websites, Chats, Screenshots logging features.


iOS Spy App iPhone/iPad
With both Jailbreak & NO-Jailbreak Solutions

Android Spying App Android
All Android Phones & Tablets – Android 2.3+

Download iKeyMonitor for iOS(Jailbreak Edition)

  • 1

    Launch Cydia or Sileo then add iKeyMonitor’s official source
    Note: If you can’t find Cydia or Sileo, you need to jailbreak your device, please click here to Jailbreak your device.

  • Add Official Source:

    Install iKeyMonitor from the official source to get the latest version.

    1. In Cydia or Sileo, Select the "Manage" and then select "Sources" (Select the "Sources" tab directly when on iPad).
    2. Select "Edit" and then the "Add" button.
    3. Add a source by entering
    4. Then browse our repository to install it. After installation, open Safari and enter "localhost:8888" to configure it.
    Install iKeyMonitor from official source
  • 2

    Touch "Install – Confirm" on the upper right corner to install iKeyMonitor

    Install iKeyMonitor
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    Right after the installation, iKeyMonitor is launched and starts working in a background mode. It can be opened by Tapping on the “iKeyMonitor” icon on the home screen. The icon can be removed by long pressing or disabled from iKeyMonitor Settings without affecting the background monitoring. For better user experience, there are 2 options: either to keep the icon displayed on the home screen or not.

    iKeyMonitor can always be opened with "localhost:8888" in Safari.

    iKeyMonitor Screen

    iKeyMonitor Screen