Download and Install iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the only Keylogger for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch/Android with the features of Keystrokes, Passwords, SMS, Websites, WhatsApp, Screenshots logging and Email/FTP delivery.

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Install iKeyMonitor iOS via Cydia

  • STEP 1

    Open iOS Safari and Tap on this link
    Then Skip to Step 3.
    Alternatively, Launch Cydia then go to step 2.
    Note: If you can’t open the link above, you need to install Cydia, please click here to Jailbreak and get Cydia.

  • STEP 2

    Tap "Search", enter iKeyMonitor and choose one from "BigBoss" source.

    Warning: You may see multiple "iKeyMonitor" entries when you search, Make sure to select the one from "BigBoss". Or you can’t register it with your license key.

    Search for iKeyMonitor
  • STEP 3

    Touch "Install – Confirm" in the upper right corner to install iKeyMonitor

    Install iKeyMonitor
  • STEP 4

    Open Safari and enter "http://localhost:8888" to access the keylogger.
    If "http://localhost:8888 can’t be opened" in Safari:

    • On iOS 6 and below, try to reboot the device.
    • On iOS 7, open Cydia and search for "Cydia Substrate" and upgrade it to latest. Then reinstall iKeyMonitor.

    If it still doesn’t work, please check this FAQ.

    iKeyMonitor Screen
  • Install from Official Source:

    If you can’t find the latest version of iKeyMonitor in Cydia, please install iKeyMonitor from the official source.

    1. In Cydia, Tap on the "Manage" tab and then on "Sources" (Tap on the "Sources" tab directly when on iPad)
    2. Touch "Edit" and then "Add" button
    3. Add source by entering
    4. Then browse our repository to install it. After installation, open Safari and enter "http://localhost:8888" to configure it.
    Install iKeyMonitor from official source

Install iKeyMonitor via Custom Script

By using custom script, iKeyMonitor will be hidden from the installed package list in Cydia. This is only for advanced users who know about command lines.
Learn more about Custom Script Installation

Video Guide on How to Install iKeyMonitor