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Amobile Spy offers free apps for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, including iLostFinder iPhone/iPad Anti-theft and Limit Game Time Now, a parental control app for iPhone/iPad.

iLostFinder Anti-theft

iLostFinder Anti-theft

iLostFinder is a practical anti-theft app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch which can help you identify the person who steals or finds your iOS devices.

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Are you still trying to find a practical way to track your lost or stolen iPhone/iPad? iLostFinder Anti-theft for iPhone/iPad gives you a chance to find your lost or stolen iOS devices. iLostFinder Anti-theft for iPhone/iPad will automatically and silently take the photo of the person who incorrectly enter the passcode with the view of unlocking the screen your iOS devices and then sent to your email box. You will win a chance to get back your lost or stolen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch back by identifying the photo of the theft’s face taken by iLostFinder.

iLostFinder Features

  • Take photos of thefts’ face automatically
  • Delivery the photos to your email box automatically
  • Photos can be saved to your photo albums
  • Show alerts to thefts if the passcode is typed incorrectly

Support: Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running iOS 4.3.0 and above

Limit Game Time Now!

Limit Game Time Now!

Limit Game Time Now for iOS is a good time scheduling app that can be used to set game playing time limit on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Do you worry that you little kids play games on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch deep into night? Limit Game Time Now for iOS is a tiny piece of time scheduling software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which works efficiently to help set time limit on certain apps on your iOS devices. It brings a lot of benefits to iOS users,especially for parents. Limit Game Time Now for iOS can help parents stop children from spending too much time playing with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, therefore protect children’s eyes and prevent them from game addiction.

Limit Game Time Now Features

  • Customize how many minutes users can use the device
  • Password can be set to protect the software
  • An alarm will appear automatically once the time ends
  • Password is required to stop the alarm

Support: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running iOS 4.3.0 and above

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