iPhone 5 Spy Software – Invisibly Spy on iPhone 5

  • Invisible and undetectable working
  • Keystrokes and passwords typed
  • Text messages sent or received
  • URLs of websites visited
  • Live screenshots captured
  • Deliver to you via email or FTP

iKeyMonitor – iPhone 5 Spy Software

iKeyMonitor, the professional iPhone 5 spy software, could provide the safest method to spy on someone so as to let you know what actually happens on the iOS devices including keystrokes typed, text sent and received, URLs of websites visited, live screenshots captured in a silent and secret mode.

The iPhone 5 spy software has its own shortcut to be brought up, and it secretly sends the logs to your email/FTP server which makes it hard for someone else to be aware of the monitoring. Apart from these, you are able to remotely switch on/off the monitoring statues of the spy software for iPhone 5, this is convenient for you to choose to stop or start recording at any time you need without any physical approaching to the iPhone.

With invisible and undetectable monitoring, it is available for parents and employers to install the iPhone 5 spy software to the iPhones in order to keep their families or businesses safe beyond worrying about someone will find it. As long as all your monitoring behaviors are in the invisible and undetectable mode, it is less likely to affect the good relationships between your families and your employees.

Here are the main functions of the iPhone 5 spy software:

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How does iPhone 5 Spy Software Work?

Running Automatically

As long as you have installed the iPhone 5 spy software on the iPhone, you have finished your task completely .That is to say, it can work automatically without any manual operation.

Logging Silently

All the logs, including the SMS sent or received, the websites visited, the screenshots captured, the keystrokes entered, can be recorded silently without attracting any others’ attention.

Checking Remotely

You are allowed to check all the logs from your email address or FTP space at a distance at anytime anywhere whenever the internet connection is available.

Switch on/off Distantly

No matter you want to turn on or off the monitoring software, you can accomplish it remotely without any physical approaching to the iPhone at all.

Users Testimonials

"I should say, iKeyMonitor is so useful that it can get what I want silently, more importantly, I can check the logs through my cell phone anytime and anywhere. It is so convenient! " – W.S.

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