1. Is Rooting required for Android phone/tablet?
    No. But Rooting is required for Part of the features of iKeyMonitor Android Spy App. Eg: Screenshots capturing and keylogging without changing keyboard.

  2. Is there any data sent from the device to third-parties?
    Logs are never sent to our servers or any others! However, you may choose to send the logs to the e-mail you specified or FTP you own. This is completely optional and is disabled by default.

  3. Can it be discovered?
    It can’t be detected unless the user checks for Cydia installed apps, but it will be difficult if the person does not know exactly what to look for. If the option “Hide jailbreak info(Cydia)” is checked in iKeyMonitor, it will be extremely difficult to locate Cydia and find it the installed app list. In addition, we provide a custom install script which you can use to install the application without Cydia. In this way, the application will be extremely difficult to find.

  4. How many devices can I register with 1 license?
    You can register ONE device with a Single license regardless of the subscription time (3/6/12-month).

  5. Does the device need to be jailbroken?
    iKeyMonitor works on both NO Jailbroken and Jailbroken iOS devices. For NO-Jailbreak Monitoring without installing Any App, you need iCloud ID and password of the target device

  6. Is jailbreaking dangerous?
    Jailbreaking gives you more control on your iOS device and itself is not dangerous. You can still use Apple services such as "App Store", "iTunes" after jailbreaking.

  7. How do I jailbreak iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch?
    You can find a handy compatibility table and guide here.

  8. How can I uninstall it?
    Check the user guide for uninstallation.